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Diving Classes

Scuba Diving Classes in Dutchess County

It is our goal to provide you with the best knowledge and skills that are necessary to safely explore any underwater environment.

With advancements in equipment and diving instruction, scuba diving and snorkeling have become very safe and enjoyable to view the underwater world and everything that it has to offer. Our training methods have been created and also improved for the recreational diver of all ages and abilities.

In 2010, we were the first, and continue to be the area's leading center to provide the BSA SCUBA MERIT BADGE Achievement of the Scuba Diving merit badge will result in a PADI Open Water Diver Certification.
Get Started - Open Water Certification
Dive with us today! Be sure to take the very first step into diving. Open Water Certification is the minimum requirement for certification necessary to purchase or rent dive equipment, or even fill dive tanks. This is structured so that the needs of the busy person are met, and so that students can read the weekly course material and view the PADI Open Water video from home.

Scuba Instruction takes place in two different parts. First off, there are Academic and pool sessions, which are then followed by four Open Water Training dives. The four open water dives may be done with us locally in warmer weather, or can be taken on one of our group trips to the tropics. If needed, we can help you plan a tropical getaway of your own. For both group and private sessions, it's ages 10 & up.
Much like scouting, the overall philosophy of scuba encourages the quest for adventure. It is a life changing experience that enables young men and women to embrace challenges in a whole new way. That first breath underwater; the feeling of total weightlessness as you embark into a foreign world enables you to be part of something so powerful it transforms your life!
Achievement of the Scuba Diving merit badge will result in a PADI Open Water Diver Certification. This is a lifetime certification that is only the first step into an endless world of new experiences, adventure and fun.
Scuba BSA
Scuba BSA introduces qualified Boy Scout, Venturing, and registered adult participants to the special skills, equipment, and safety precautions associated with scuba diving; encourages aquatics activities that promote fitness and recreation; and provides a foundation for those who later will participate in more advanced underwater activity.
Boy Scouts — Scuba Diving in Poughkeepsie, NY
Boy Scouts Badge — Scuba Diving in Poughkeepsie, NY
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